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Bethel Faith Mission popularly known as BFM, was established and founded in the year 1990 under the chairmanship of Rev. Philip A K, with the noble objective of proclaiming to the world the universal and eternal love that God has exhibited to the mankind through Lord Jesus Christ.

This magnificent love is clearly expressed in John 3:16, " God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life".

Bethel Faith Mission has got a wide range of Ministry activities being implemented through various mediums.

Bethel Bible Church is the Church planting ministry of Bethel Faith Mission focusing on church nourishment, spiritual growth and revival worldwide. Our pioneer church was established in the year 2002, and is a well known church in the capital city of India. Click here to read more

Bethel Faith Bible College, widely known as BFBC, is a non-denominational theological institution established in Delhi in the year 2005, under the banner of Bethel Faith Mission. BFBC aims and focuses on training the dedicated, spirit-filled believers and moulds them as fruitful Evangelists & Pastors into full time Christian ministry Click here to read more


BFM World - is the Online ministry of BFM. Bethel Online ministries operate under the brand name of BFM World through the internet portal of Bethel Faith Mission. It offers various online support forums like counseling, online prayer, Online Bible, Radio programs, TV & music videos, E greetings, Online music, Christian networking, Live chat and so on Click here to read more


BFM Children's Club - is the children's ministry of BFM. The main target of BFM Children's Club are kids, students, street children, rag pickers and children hailing from poor and deprived sections of the society. We teach them good thoughts, moral practices, spiritual lessons and give counseling to them for a better and blessed future. The Club is strongly active in various parts of North India. Hundreds of children of various age groups gather every Saturday and Sunday evening from 3:00 to 7:00 PM in various places of the city for their spiritual refinement. Click here to read more

BFM Media Ministry titled, Bethel Broadcasting Ministry aims on spiritual growth and nourishment through various media projects. It specializes in organizing Christian film festivals, church film shows, Christian cartoon films, documentary albums, Radio Programs etc. Also, the ministry serves small organizations and churches for organizing special events and programs. Click here to read more


Divine Heartbeats - Music is a balm for the broken and bruised heart. Our earnest desire is to touch the hearts with the everlasting love of Christ. Our Music Band is based in New Delhi, the capital city of India. Click here to read more


Bethel Tidings is the Media Ministry of Bethel Faith Mission which entirely focuses on spiritual growth and nourishment through the medium of literature, publications, Television & Radio broadcasting. Click here to read more


BFM Compassion Ministries
HoPe - is the compassion ministry of BFM. HoPe stand for Hope and Peace. The vital motive behind HOPE is to support and extend helping hands to those who are in desperate need. HOPE collects old clothes, blankets and old books from benevolent believers and donors, and distributes these items among the poor and needy. Also extends help for poor widows, girls from poor families, orphans, poor children, handicapped and sick people thereby instilling hope and peace in their lives.

HoPe is fully supported by free will gifts and donations from our various patrons.

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Bethel Web Technologies - is the software development arm of BFM. Bethel Web Technologies, popularly known as Bethel Webtech, offer services and software solutions relating to websites and online processes. Having a 9+ year experience, Bethel Webtech has its footprints in many countries of the world and guided by the ideology based on Colossians 3:23, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, and not for men".  Click here to read more


International Institute of Mission Management (IIMM) is an international non-denominational Internet Bible College of Bethel Faith Mission - Inland & International Ministries (BFM). The Institution gives affiliations to hundreds of Bible Institutes and Colleges worldwide recognized by (BFM).

The Institute has its Theological Headquarters at New Delhi, India and has its Operational Headquarters at Sydney, Australia. Click here to read more


BFM 'U&I' Gospel Stores is a non-profit sister-concern Sponsoring unit of Bethel Faith Mission - Inland & International Ministries. The Best Christian Shop for customized T-Shirts, Wrist-Watches, Mugs, Sweatshirt, Posters, Key chains, Calendars etc with your Name/ Bible verse or just anything you would like us to print with an aim to spread the word of God in the day to day lives. Click here to read more


Bethel Youth Movement - The youth ministry of BFM. Bethel Youth Movement (BYM), specializes in organizing various programs like one-day camps, show programmes, one- week VBS, Skit & Drama shows, Music nights, talent competitions and other contests, thereby nurturing the everlasting love of Christ to bloom in the young hearts of adolescent, teenagers and youngsters  Click here to read more

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