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Future Operations - Bethel Faith Mission                                      Inland & International Ministries

Future Operations

Bethel Faith Mission - Inland & International Ministries
"A Worldwide Mission with a Global Vision to reach the unreached with the everlasting love of Christ"

We welcome you to the world of Bethel Faith Mission - Inland & International Ministries

About the Mission

Bethel Faith Mission (Regd.), popularly known as BFM, was established and founded in the year 1990 under the chairmanship of Rev. Philip A K, with the noble objective of proclaiming to the world the universal and eternal love that God has exhibited to the mankind through Lord Jesus Christ.

BFM Church Projects

Bethel Faith Mission proposes to plant 25 new churches in the coming 6 months at the local areas of Northern India.

These places offer great potential for the gospel to be preached. These places which are completely dominated by non-believers will get an opportunity to know the wonderful work of the Lord.  

Generally, the targeted people are low/middle class working people. However, there will be no restriction for the Church to work amongst any category of people, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

These BFM Church projects will be continuing projects. In the initial stage of church plantation, no financial support is received from any source. The entire expenses for these projects such as rent for the Pastoral accommodation/church premises, conveyance expenses, Pastor's salary etc. are to be borne by the BFM. Once the Church is established, the believers are taught to give for the Lord's work. Prior to this, Church cannot expect any offerings, tithes, or donations from the people. Once the believers are grown up in their spiritual outlook, they can be encouraged to support for the Church's financial needs and thus the sustainability of the Church can be achieved in a phased manner.

Christian Camps & Seminars

BFM plans to organize 3 Christian camps and  2 Seminars in the coming 6 months in various parts of the state. Recent camps and one week VBS programmes organized by BFM has witnessed hundreds of children's and youngsters coming to Christ and accepting Him as their Lord and saviour.

BFM proposes to organize Seminars on various contemporary topics and One Day Camps for both Children and youngsters in the coming sessions in various parts of the city.


Christian Rallies, Cultural Programmes & Children Ministries


BFM Children's ministry, entitled as BFM Children's Club, is strongly active in various parts of North India. BFM Plans to start 50 new Children's Club in various parts of the country. In the future run, BFM will offer support and assistance for introducing these ministries in various parts of the country.

If there are more than 40 children's willing to attend these Clubs on a weekly basis, BFM would offer support and covering as per availability. Presently we are recruiting BFM Children's Club Coordinators for introducing these ministries in various parts of the country. Please contact us immediately or Apply online for more information.

Christian Rallies lead by students and youngsters in various parts of the cities, as well various cultural programmes like skits, drams, open-air meetings, stage shows etc are some of the vital operations planned by BFM in the coming sessions with the sole aim of projecting Gospel and God's Love to the unreached people. Click here for more pictures >>

Gospel Meets, Conferences  and Music Nights

The ongoing BFM operations also include Gospel meetings, Seminars & Conferences for believers of all churches and denominations. In the coming 6 months, BFM plans to organize 3 Seminars and 3 conferences in various parts of the country

BFM Projects also includes Music Nights and Concerts in various parts of the state on various occasions and on public holidays to accommodate people of all religions and denominations thereby providing them an opportunity to  know more about Christ.

International BFM Projects  


Bethel Faith Mission - Inland & International Ministries manages and controls various International Projects around the World.


Bethel Faith Mission proposes to offer affiliations to International Churches for Spiritual covering and support.

BFM also plans to conduct worldwide seminars and crusades specially focusing on Asian-African and Middle East Countries.

BFM Broadcasting Ministries plans to bring forth a Radio program to be aired worldwide.

Divine Heartbeats, the music ministry of BFM proposes to bring-forth a Christian music album in the coming months.

BFM Plans to expand the worldwide operations of the International Institute of Missions Management (IIMM) thereby offering more seats to the desired candidates through means of sponsorship.

BFM International Church Ministry    

BFM invites applications from National & International churches and small gatherings for Joining and Affiliation for mutual & spiritual support, Training & Fellowship, Local funding, Spiritual covering & conferences, we request you to send us the required information & details regarding your current ministry or Apply online.

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