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Welcome to BFM World, the only Christian entertainment and spiritual Internet portal of Bethel Faith Mission - Inland & International Ministries.

At BFM World, you would find a  collection of all interesting stuffs which you usually don't get on the Internet on a single page.

Our aim is to provide you with an All-In-One entertainment portal in a single-page platform where you have access to all your interesting stuffs and that is the success story behind us, that millions of site visitors keep on visiting us from across the Globe.

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God talks to you through His word - "The Holy Bible".


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BFM World - Free E- Greeting Cards


Now you can send personalized Free BFM E-greeting cards to friends and family without spending a penny and wasting lots of time searching for good stuffs.

Click on the below links to choose from a wide range a Free BFM E-greeting cards for special occasions

   Free BFM Animated E-greetings  ||  Non-animated Free BFM E Greetings

   Anniversary - Her, Him, Couple, Flowers, Belated wishes, Gifts etc

   Official - Appreciation, Congratulations, Apologies, Colleagues & Boss etc

   Birthday  - Flowers, Friends, Brother & Sister, Mom & Dad, Him & Her etc

   Cute - Hugs, Smile, Cute, Love, Teddies, Kiss, Heart to Heart etc

   Everyday - Thank u, Get well Soon, Sorry, Miss u, Bon Voyage, Blessings

   Family - Sis & Bro, Dad & Mom, Family, Husb & Wife, Miss u, Thank u etc

    Wedding - Invitations, Marry Me, Engagement, Wishes, Just Married etc

   Events & Holiday  ||  Friendship  ||  Inspirations  ||  Love  ||  Religion


BFM World - Search Entire Holy Bible

Here you can search a word, verse or just anything from the entire Holy Bible (Old Testament & New Testament).

Its a very dynamic and simple tool for searching anything related to the Holy Bible. The search opens in a new window with options of searching in other Bible versions as well.

Lookup any word, verse or passage in the Holy Bible

BFM Bible Search Tool


BFM World - Free Daily Bible Scriptures through Email

BFM World offers the site visitors a chance to get enrolled for a free subscription to receive Free Daily Email Scriptures at their desk every morning.

Only you need to do is type your email address in the box below and click on 'Sign me up' and start receiving the scripture straight in your Inbox daily.

BFM World - Free Daily Bible Scriptures through email

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BFM World is a reserve bank of various interesting and mind-blowing entertainment Portal and spiritual activities comprising of Online Chatting, Verse of the Day, Bible Search, Daily Bible Reading, Online Radio, BFM Greeting Cards, Animated e-cards,  Online Games, Free CD's, Online Music and lots more being added daily for the taste of all our site visitors around the world.

The collection here is frequently updated. Please visit us again for more add on's to the existing gallery.

BFM World - Entertainment Portal

  _____________________________________ BFM Christian Games
  Free Online Games for all age groups without any downloads or installations.
  Jonah & the Whale                    Click here to Play Jonah and the Whale

Who wana be a Millionaire  Click here to Play Who wants to be a Biblical Millionaire (Newly added)

Monster Car Racing                  Click here to Play Monster Car Racing

Car Parking                                       Click here to Play Car Parking (Newly added)


______________________________________ BFM Christian Chat - Live   Free Online Chat on various Christian Topics with people around the world chatting Live 24 Hours a Day _______________________________________ 

BFM Christian Chat Room        Welcome to 24 Hour Live BFM Christian Chat Portal

BFM Christian Chat Room is a Free chat room where people share their faith, discuss various Christian topics and meet together in fellowship and in spirit of joy sharing the love of Christ from all parts of the World.

The Main Chat Room is monitored and any rude behavior, use of un-human languages or any kind of non-acceptable manners will result in the user being permanently banned & blocked on our servers.

  Click here to Enter the Main Chat Room


BFM Christian Radio - Live    Free Online Radio Station airing Gospel messages, testimonies, Music and lots more Live 24 Hours a Day _______________________________________ 

Christian Radio Station        Welcome to 24 Hour Live Christian Radio Station               

K Wave - English                         Click here to Listen to Music, Gospel Messages, Speeches, Testimonies etc.

Music Station - English             Click here to Listen to Online Gospel Music

Soft Music Christian station     Click here to Listen to Soothening Soft Christian Praise & Worship


Watch Free Christian -  Movies                                     Watch Online Christian Movies for free with high Internet speed _______________________________________ 

Watch "JESUS FILM"                English : Click here to watch online now

Watch "JESUS FILM"            Hindi : Click here to watch online now

Watch "JESUS FILM"               Malaya : Click here to watch online now


Others                             Watch Online Christian TV & Listen to Online Christian music _______________________________________ 

TV - Malayalam                          Click here to Watch Christian music videos & to Listen Gospel  songs

Music Station - Malayalam       Click here to Listen to Christian Music

Music Station - Hindi           Click here to Listen to Christian Music



Other Resources                 Download Verse VIEW 2.0 software which  can be an integral part of your Church  service.


This software will enable you to display  Bible verses in multiple languages  simultaneously in a presentation format.  This can be very useful for bi-lingual  Churches that use digital projectors to  project verses during services.            CLICK HERE

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