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A Worldwide Mission with a Global Vision to reach the unreached with the everlasting love of Christ



About BFM

BFM is a non-denominational, non-profitable, social Christian organization with the ultimate goal and vision of reaching the unreached with the everlasting love of Christ and to win millions of souls for His kingdom through various BFM projects & ministries like Bible Colleges, Church planting ministries, Music ministry, Prayer cell ministries, Children & Youth ministries, Media & broadcasting ministries, Online ministries and so on.         >> More  

BFM Children's Club being conducted in various places





BFM Children's Club in full swing & action in a weekly meet




              Bethel Faith Bible College (BFBC)                                                                       Bethel Bible Church Congregation




        BFM Outreach Ministries & public meetings  being conducted in various parts of the state                  





            Hundreds of Children engaged in Prayer & Meditation in one of our BFM Children's Club meetings





            Cultural Youth Programmes being organized by BFM


                  BFM Youth Camp in full action                                                     BFM Coordinators supporting a Christian Youth Rally



BFM Founder President with family                                                          BFM Founder President : Rev. Philip AK





More photos coming Soon !!


More photos coming Soon !!



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