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BFM Children's Ministry is a part of Bethel Faith Mission - Inland & International Ministries focusing completely on the Children's group of all age groups.

The main target of BFM Children's Club are kids, students, street children, rag pickers and children hailing from poor and deprived sections of the society.

We teach them good thoughts, moral practices, spiritual lessons and give counseling to them for a better and blessed future. We do it through various projects, awareness programs and other interesting spiritual activities.

BFM Children's Club is a dedicated to nourish and restore a Child's future

The heart desire of BFM Children's Ministry is to nourish, help, restore, evangelize and redirect children's of all ages to live a fruitful Christian life in their future.

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If you are interested to invite BFM Volunteers and the Children's Ministry team to visit your place or would like to start a new BFM Children's Club in your locality or country, please feel free to get in touch with us through our website or Apply Online

For Affiliations with BFM Children's Ministry or starting a new BFM Children's Club in your locality, please apply directly through our Website.

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BFM Children's Ministries                            Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi, INDIA

E. Mail: bfm@bethelfaithmission.com

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Welcome to the Children's Ministry of Bethel Faith Mission - Inland & International Ministries           India is a country where 50% of India's total population lives below the poverty line, and more than 40% of this population are children - with no food, cloth, medicine and shelter. Over 50,000 children are abandoned in the country every year, 11 million children live on the streets and there are more than 44 million child laborers in India in all. In the Northern region of India where 95% of the population has never heard of the great salvation of Lord Jesus Christ, we have a very enormous task of preaching the Gospel.                                                                                                                                   Feel responsible and be a part of this amazing ministry for building the kingdom of God                                                                                                          Let's Join hands and work together for expanding the kingdom of God

BFM Children's Ministry is the Children wing of Bethel Faith Mission - Inland & International Ministries.

The Ministry is popularly known as "BFM Children's Club". Presently, we have a number of Children's Club in various cities with a weekly gathering of more than 100 children per club. These Clubs are conducted in various places like open houses, farm houses, lands, Small plots, rented buildings and houses, terrace etc.

BFM Children's Ministry organizes various Programmes like One Day Camps, Show Programmes, One Week Vacation Bible Schools (VBS), Music nights, Child Evangelism Sessions, Spiritual Student Rallies, campaigning, Spiritual promotions  etc as initiative programmes to reach the children of all ages and of all sections of the society thereby sharing the everlasting love of Christ to bloom in their hearts and to bring an amazing smile in their beautiful faces.


BFM Children's Ministry is reaching the tiny hearts with the love of Christ giving them a reason to Smile in life !!

We at BFM Children's Ministries, are committed to help and provide love, proper care, nurture, Spiritual and educational counseling, emotional support and a good Christian foundation to all the children's we minister.      

The Ministry undertakes and organizes various projects and awareness programmes thereby targeting and reaching the children's of slum areas and other backward sections of the society with the empowering love of Christ.


BFM Children's ministry, entitled as BFM Children's Club, is strongly active in various parts of North India. Hundreds of children of various age groups gather every Saturday and Sunday evening from 3:00 to 7:00 PM in various places of the city for their spiritual refinement.
BFM Children's ministry Volunteers teach them hymns in different languages like Hindi, English & Malayalam.

BFM Plans to start 50 new Children's Club in various parts of the country. If there are more than 40 children's willing to attend these Clubs on a weekly basis, BFM would offer support and covering as per availability. Presently we are recruiting BFM Children's Club Coordinators for introducing these ministries in various parts of the country.         Please contact us immediately or Apply online through our website for more information.

Be  a  part  of   Bethel   Children's   Ministries

We all are Born -again Christians, but many times in life we forget our spiritual responsibilities for the upcoming generation. This is the right time to do something fruitful, blessed and spiritual for hundreds of children.

BFM invites you to be a part of this amazing ministry and feel responsible to bring beautiful smiles in millions of tiny hearts.

We are in a stage of expanding our Children's ministries to almost all the parts of Northern region of India. To accomplish the purpose, we need your esteemed support and helping hand and above all your valuable prayers.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Children's Ministry project with Bethel Faith Mission or would like to support the ministry in any regard as you deem fit, we humbly request you to e-mail or Apply Online through our website

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Donations & Contributions to Bethel Children's Ministries & Projects are Income Tax exempted under the Income Tax Act. Contributions & Donations can be made by way of Cheque / Demand draft drawn in favour of "Bethel Faith Mission" payable at New Delhi, India  



Latest pictures from our various BFM Children's Club gatherings across the state every week.

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