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Corporate Office                    Bethel Faith Mission,             Mahavir Enclave,                        New Delhi, INDIA

Operational Branch                Bethel Faith Mission        Wollongong, AUSTRALIA

Please click on any of the required application forms below and submit it online. One of our BFM Coordinators will get in touch with you at the earliest. Thank you for your interests towards BFM Ministries.                             B F M - Online Application Forms

BFM General Forms                                                                                                                                                           General Online enquiry form                                                                                                                     BFM Feedback Form


BFM Affiliation Form                                                                                                                                                    Application form for Missions & Organizations, Churches, Colleges & Institutions seeking Affiliation with BFM Inland & International Ministries


BFM Children's Club                                                                                                                                                       Application form for BFM Children's Club Coordinators OR Application for seeking affiliation and starting a new BFM Children's Club in your locality


BFM Coordinators / Pastors Application Form                                                                                       Application form for persons interested in serving as BFM Coordinators, BFM Pastors or as an evangelist in your locality or country.


BFM Inland & International Ministries Sponsorship Forms                                                                  Application form for Sponsoring & funding various BFM Inland and International Ministry Projects, Church Ministries, Bible College, Internet Bible College & University


Application Form for Bible College Students (BFBC & IIMM)                                                                    Application form for Students enrolling with Bethel Faith Bible College (BFBC)

Application form for students enrolling with International Institute of Mission Management (IIMM) for Online Internet Degree programs


Application Form for Honorary Degrees                                                                                                        Application form for applying Honorary Degrees from Bethel Faith Mission - Inland & International Ministries


Grant Application Form                                                                                                                                                 Application form for requesting grants, educational aid, marriage support etc from BFM - Bethel Compassion Ministry (HOPE)


BFM Crusades, Conferences & Concert Bookings                                                                                Application form for inviting BFM Team & leaders for crusades, meetings, conferences, music concerts etc in your locality or country


You can submit the concerned application form duly filled online or printed and send by general post to our Corporate office.

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