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Text Box: We welcome you to the world of Bethel Faith Mission - Inland & International Ministries, popularly known as BFM. The Mission has been established and founded in the year 1990 under the chairmanship of  Rev. Philip.A.K. with the noble objective of proclaiming to the world the universal love that God has exhibited to the mankind through His Son, Jesus Christ. 
This magnificent love is clearly expressed in John 3:16, " God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life".
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Text Box: BFM is a non-denominational, non-profit indigenous Christian organization consisting of both individuals & groups thereby reaching out to the world with the everlasting love of Christ.
Our ultimate goal and vision is to reach the unreached with the everlasting light of Christ and to win millions for our Lord Jesus Christ through various BFM ministries like Bible Colleges, Church Planting, Music Ministry, Media  Ministries, Publications, Internet Bible College, Children's Ministries and so on. We urge you to explore our website to know more about our ministries. We are fully committed to preach, teach, provide and to equip people for the kingdom of God. >> More
Text Box: Bethel Faith Mission operates under two ministry headings - BFM Inland Ministries which operates and functions  in India, and BFM International Ministries which operates on International level.
BFM Inland & International Ministries operates on the principles of hard work, integrity, faith and love of Christ.
BFM earnestly welcome you to join hands with our organization in the prestigious pilgrimage & journey for leading millions of souls from the clutches of darkness to the everlasting light of Lord Jesus Christ.                         >> More Info


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